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Services and Solutions

Along with a meticulously curated portfolio of hardware and software solutions by renowned producers, we offer a large range of services – including manufacturer-independent consulting, workshops (on-site or remote) and support for project planning and project implementation.

Our Products & Services

Consulting & Workshops 

Take advantage of our many years of expertise!
Our IT consultants are available to respond to any questions you may have concerning authentication.
We offer workshops and consulting on the following content: 
  • Provide information/overview of various technologies for professional authentication
  • Evaluate different authenticators
  • Derive authentication methodologies, roles and the rights of users and groups according to protection needs
  • Plan a rollout strategy
  • And many other topics based on your needs

Support in the selection process

Together with you we can analyze which solution is the best match for your specific needs. Usually we can find a manufacturer-independent solution from our product portfolio, because we have tuned the products to one another and aligned them to customer needs and can supplement them as necessary. 
 Overview of our services: 
  •  Analyze your IT infrastructure
  • Analyze your authentication requirements
  • Work out and present the best solution strategy

Supplying hardware and software

You benefit from our broadly based portfolio of products. This portfolio comprises authentication solutions in the software and hardware areas with the products of various renowned manufacturers. 
 Overview of our services:
  • Customized hardware and shipping service solutions
  • Shop-in-a-shop: Your own webshop area for your company 
  • With us, you get everything from a single source. We even handle the secure programming of tokens in Lüneburg.


For all authentication solutions in our portfolio, we can offer you a customized performance package – with phone/remote support or on-site support at your facilities. 
The following services might be part of your performance package: 
  • Plan the rollout strategy 
  • Install servers and clients 
  • Configure guidelines and settings 
  • Configure the various authenticators 
  • Train administrators

MTRIX Support 

We can offer you extensive support services from a single source 
Overview of our services: 
  • First-class German language support by phone, e-mail and remotely by a dedicated employee who is familiar with your company, your environment and your specific implementation 
  • Coordination of all tickets for the producers of the software and hardware solutions you use (also between producers) 
  • Quarterly check-up of your authentication solution together with your administrators. We can check your system for unusual behavior, obvious configuration errors, anomalies and backup consistency 
  • Support in submitting feature requests to producers

Other Services 

We also offer many other services related to our product portfolio and the topic of authentication in general. For example: 
  • Custom Solutions (e.g., CEP, an extension of the Advanced Authentication Software from Micro Focus, which offers an easy way to register the authenticators at your company) 
  • A broad range of services for system integrators (starter kits, integrations toolkits, SDKs, individual framework contracts, informational materials, support by our technical and consulting teams, etc.)
  • Customizing your security tokens (e.g., logo imprint on YubiKey) 
  • And many other services – contact us to learn more.

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Solution Scenarios

Desktop Access

The most widespread authentication method for desktop registration is a user name and password. However, this model has serious deficiencies – in both protection and user friendliness. Most users either choose passwords that are too simple or use the same password for different purposes. If businesses respond by requiring complex passwords and forcing users to change their passwords every few weeks, the users generally write their passwords down. Professional two-factor authentication solutions are well-suited for secure and user-friendly protection. We would be glad to help you find the right solution for your requirements.

Remote Access

Security requirements are also growing in conjunction with the increasing opportunities for working on the road or from a home office, e.g., via VPN. Your security level can be increased significantly by a solution with two-factor or multi-factor authentication for your remote access system. Besides the security aspect, other criteria are, of course, also crucial in choosing a suitable solution. They include flexibility, scalability, user-friendliness, cost efficiency and, last but not least, compatibility with the existing infrastructure. With the vast number of products on the market, it is not easy to find the optimal solution. We can assist you in this.

A hybrid solution for desktop and remote access

Those who exclusively protect either their desktop domain or their remote domain by professional authentication are definitely on the right path. Nonetheless, sooner or later most businesses are faced with the challenge of protecting the other domain with two-factor authentication. However, the selected solutions are often unsuitable for such an extension. Hybrid solutions that can secure both desktop and remote access are ideal for keeping costs and administrative effort low.

Application Access  

In today’s business world, users have to manage increasing numbers of accounts for different systems, applications and web services. But each application is associated with additional passwords. Standardization of user accesses by a single sign-on method paired with multi-factor authentication is a secure solution that is convenient for users. We would be glad to consult with you about your requirements and work together with you to find the right solution.

Cloud Access / Federated Identity

Dedicated IT systems are increasingly being used for interfacing with external companies to make cooperative working relationships between businesses more efficient. Of course, it must be assured that only authorized persons get access to sensitive data. Federated identities are well-suited for collaborative work between organizations that are administratively independent, so that redundant user accounts are not created. The cooperating partners establish “circles of trust”. The SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) standard is generally used for this purpose. With SAML authentication, it is sufficient if the user authenticates to a certain identity provider (IdP) once to gain access to every server that is a partner to this IdP.

Scenarios for the modern IT landscape  

For years now, the approach for comprehensive IT security was to limit access to the company network with a firewall. However, the distinction between “in front of the firewall” and “behind the firewall” no longer applies to today’s IT landscapes. Cloud applications, accesses via the mobile devices of employees, etc. – all of this would have to be navigated and managed by a firewall. In a modern IT environment, it is more advisable to design the user authentication flexibly, so that it is not only equipped for today's requirements, but those of the future. We would be glad to consult with you about your options.