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Seamless Two-Factor Authentication for your Active Directory

AuthLite stands apart in the realm of security solutions by integrating directly into the native authentication mechanisms of Active Directory (AD). This innovative approach allows for granular control over the enforcement of two-factor authentication, ensuring that only specified users, systems, and processes are fortified with additional security layers. With AuthLite, virtually any authentication process reliant on AD can be significantly enhanced.

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Why choose Authlite?

Domain Admin Accounts

Prevent unauthorized access and eliminate 'Pass the Hash' vulnerabilities by requiring two-factor authentication for domain admins.

Two-factor Remote Desktop

Ensure secure remote access by integrating two-factor authentication into your Remote Desktop setups.

Secure Offline Logon

Protect offline logins with robust two-factor authentication, ensuring security even without network connectivity.

Easy VPN Integration

Streamline your VPN security with easy integration of AuthLite’s two-factor authentication, supporting Microsoft RADIUS and LDAP.

Exclusive AuthLite Sales Models through MTRIX

By opting for AuthLite through MTRIX, you not only secure your network with industry-leading two-factor authentication but also enjoy significant cost savings, tailored support, and the flexibility to choose between perpetual or subscription models based on your business’s evolving needs.

Perpetual Licensing

  • Enjoy discounted licenses exclusively through MTRIX.
  • Benefit from discounted YubiKeys to complement your security setup.
  • No minimum license order required, making it perfect for businesses of all sizes.
  • Support included, ensuring you’re always covered.

 New Subscription Model

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Access to “Starter Packages” that offer reduced license costs, ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises.
  • Subscriptions start at 20 licenses, designed to scale with your business.
  • Includes implementation support, ensuring a smooth setup process.
  • Annual Health Check to keep your system optimized and secure.
  • Discounted YubiKeys available

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AuthLite's Unique Features

Intelligent integration options

  • Easy installation into your existing Active Directory environment.
  • AuthLite does not make any default changes that would affect your users. You can configure and administer your two-factor authentication precisely as you need it for your various users, computers and solutions – everything else still runs exactly as before

AuthLite with YubiKey tokens

  • YubiKeys can be used wherever USB can be used 
  • No driver or client software is needed; the keys work like a USB keyboard that is detected by any system with easy Web, VPN, and RDP/Extranet access.
  • Secure one-time passcode protects against replay attacks 
  • No manual code input: The one-touch system automatically inputs the cryptographic values 
  • No batteries, screen or input keyboard: The elegant and simple design is practically indestructible and has unlimited life

AuthLite with OATH tokens

  • Use Google authenticator as a security token on your smartphone or tablet
  • AuthLite supports all other OATH-compliant time-triggered tokens

VPN and RADIUS support

  • You can use AuthLite with your existing VPN servers and software 
  • Differentiated settings: Activate two-factor authentication for certain users and just standard password prompts for others
  • Set up different VPN authentication modes – based entirely on your needs: 
  1. OTP and password: extremely secure and flexible options for delegating authentication 
  2. Only OTP: Avoids entry of passwords in untrustworthy systems 
  • RADIUS server for VPN operates with ISA/RRAS; uses the standard Microsoft VPN client which is installed on Windows

Remote desktop two-factor authentication

  • Leverage AuthLite with your existing RDP servers and software 
  • AuthLite requires no changes to client software or drivers
  • Easy control: Decide which users and servers require two-factor authentication and which do not

LAN and workstation security

  • You can protect users in LAN with integrated workstation software for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 2003, 2008 and Server 2012 
  • AuthLite uses cryptographically strong log-in protection – it is not just a substitute for the log-in user interface as in many other products. When you protect your account with AuthLite, a user cannot log in if the AuthLite software has been removed or deactivated
  • AuthLite supports cached/offline log-in for mobile Active Directory workstations, because it uses the cryptographically strong HMAC/SHA1 challenge-response feature of the YubiKey token. Even if you are offline, your account is still protected by secure two-factor authentication

Easy administration

  • Additional tokens can be added to a user at any time and in any quantity
  • Lost your key or password? No problem! Use native options to reset AD passwords
  • Reprogram existing keys - e.g. after a forgotten password or for new users 
  • AuthLite uses the familiar Windows "Change Password" screen, users set up their own key with one click

More Information

For more information please visit the AuthLite website. Here, you'll find comprehensive documentation and resources.

Dive Deeper into AuthLite: Explore AuthLite Documentation