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AuthLite enables secure two-factor authentication within your company’s existing Windows network. In contrast to all other solutions in multi-factor authentication, AuthLite gives your Active Directory the ability to understand two-factor authentication directly. So, you can continue to use all your existing software with the additional option of two-factor authentication – precisely where you need it.

Intelligent integration options

  • Easy installation into your existing Active Directory environment 
  • AuthLite does not make any default changes that would affect your users. You can configure and administer your two-factor authentication precisely as you need it for your various users, computers and solutions – everything else still runs exactly as before

AuthLite with YubiKey tokens

  • YubiKeys can be used wherever USB can be used 
  • No driver or client software is needed; the keys work like a USB keyboard that is detected by any system with easy Web, VPN, and RDP/Extranet access.
  • Secure one-time passcode protects against replay attacks 
  • No manual code input: The one-touch system automatically inputs the cryptographic values 
  • No batteries, screen or input keyboard: The elegant and simple design is practically indestructible and has unlimited life

AuthLite with OATH tokens

  • Use Google authenticator as a security token on your smartphone or tablet 
  • AuthLite supports all other OATH-compliant time-triggered tokens

Other functions and benefits

  • You can use AuthLite with your existing VPN servers and software 
  • Differentiated settings: Activate two-factor authentication for certain users and just standard password prompts for others
  • Set up different VPN authentication modes – based entirely on your needs: 
  1. OTP and password: extremely secure and flexible options for delegating authentication 
  2. Only OTP: Avoids entry of passwords in untrustworthy systems 
  • RADIUS server for VPN operates with ISA/RRAS; uses the standard Microsoft VPN client which is installed on Windows
  • You can use AuthLite with your existing RDP servers and software 
  • With AuthLite, no changes need to be made to client software or drivers
  • Simple control: You decide which users and servers need two-factor authentication and which do not
  • You can protect users in LAN with integrated workstation software for Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 2003, 2008 and Server 2012 
  • AuthLite uses cryptographically strong log-in protection – it is not just a substitute for the log-in user interface as in many other products. When you protect your account with AuthLite, a user cannot log in if the AuthLite software has been removed or deactivated
  • AuthLite supports cached/offline log-in for mobile Active Directory workstations, because it uses the cryptographically strong HMAC/SHA1 challenge-response feature of the YubiKey token. Even if you are offline, your account is still protected by secure two-factor authentication
  • Additional tokens can be added at any time and in any quantity for a user
  • Did you lose your key or your password? No problem! You can use the system's built-in options for resetting AD passwords 
  • You can reprogram existing keys – e.g., when a password has been forgotten or for new users 
  • AuthLite uses the familiar “Change password” Windows screen, and users set up their own key with a click
Authlite Authlite
  • AuthLite allows you to use all of your existing software
  • Option of two-factor authentication where you need it

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About Authlite

AuthLite is the leading developer of Microsoft ISA/TMG server platform filters. The company offers an innovative solution that improves ISA Server 2004/2006 and TMG in the enterprise environment and extends their functionality. AuthLite headquarters are in Springfield, Illinois.

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