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The OneLogin Trusted Experience Platform forms the basis for secure and intuitive identity and access management (IAM). It ensures the smooth interaction of people and technology. Digital identities for staff and customers can be easily managed and protected - so your customer can focus on the core business.

Workforce Identity

  • Secure your valuable business assets with risk-based MFA
  • Prevent cyberattacks with context-aware adaptive authentication
  • Simplify management and control of local network systems and applications such as WLAN and VPN with secure MFA

Customer Identity (CIAM)

  • Protect your customers with secure access options for commercial and proprietary applications
  • Simplify customer management and identity capabilities
  • Customize solutions to build trust and loyalty around your brand

Solutions for developers 

  • Test and deploy new features and configurations within a secure isolated environment
  • Extend the functionality of OneLogin's platform with powerful APIs
  • Access open source client SDKs and use OneLogin as an authorization server
  • Manages and protects digital identities for employees and customers

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About OneLogin

Both OneLogin founders, Thomas and Christian Pedersen, have been involved in the success of the world's best on-demand help desk application: Zendesk. Through their interactions with Zendesk customers, the founders realized that businesses were flocking to the cloud. While cloud computing offers numerous benefits, managing dozens of cloud applications presents significant security and productivity challenges. The idea was born to create an identity access management solution that was as easy to use as the cloud applications businesses depend on. Thus, OneLogin was founded in 2010. Today, OneLogin has over 3,000 customers, 5 offices and over 300 employees worldwide.

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