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FEITIAN K9 + with DESFire


temporarily not available

Length: 43 mm
Width: 20 mm
Height: 2 mm
Weight: 6 g
Product information "FEITIAN K9 + with DESFire"
The FEITIAN ePassport FIDO NFC "K9+ with DESFire" is a security token that provides superior protection against phishing, enables compliance, and offers advanced capabilities for strong authentication. With the FEITIAN token, you can easily and quickly authenticate yourself at any time.

The security token can be used for an unlimited number of applications, online services and identities.
Biometric authentication: no
Certifications: FIDO 2 Certification™, FIDO U2F Certification™
Interfaces: NFC, USB-A
Supported protocols: FIDO2, FIDO U2F, OATH-TOTP (with the use of an additional app), OATH H-OTP, OPEN-PGP, PIV, Static password
FEITIAN Technologies is the leading international provider of solutions for secure and user-friendly multi-factor authentication as well as identity and access management. Headquartered in Beijing, the innovative company is the largest supplier of authentication and transaction security for online banking in China. 
FEITIAN delivers technology to customers in over 100 countries worldwide, including leading companies and organizations in the financial, telecommunications and government sectors.
FEITIAN stands for trust, quality and performance. The company's strength lies in research and development, where more than half of its employees work.
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